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Businesses need a “why”, not just to be successful and make lots of money.

Our “why” is to work with young individuals or sports clubs within the community as we believe in sharing our success with others outside of the workplace and helping those who need a hand to achieve.

We sponsor young boxers, football teams, netball teams, golf teams, youth sections of a fishing club and Levett Business Services is also proud to say that we have helped National Conference League South football team, Aveley FC, set up their Millers Business Club. 

We have helped the club to bring in more sponsorship from local business in order to help grow the club and provide facilities and services within the local community.


Recently we ran a campaign to help raise money for young Isla Duffy, a friend’s granddaughter with cerebral palsy. She needed innovative trial treatment in America to receive stem cell treatment and we take great pride in saying we managed to raise over £12,000 allowing Isla to get the treatment through our highways sector backed

“Give a Cone a Cuddle Campaign”

If you would like to read more about the different causes that we sponsor please click here 

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