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Through our extensive industry understanding, experience and robust network of contacts, Levett Business Services takes pride in facilitating meaningful engagements for our clients within both mainstream and industry media circles.

Our strong relationships with the key industry news outlets empower us to strategically position our clients' stories and press releases, ensuring maximum visibility at crucial times. 


Additionally, we work beyond industry-specific channels to establish a noteworthy presence in mainstream media whether that be in print, on radio or TV.

These relationships aren't just about visibility; they extend to tangible opportunities for political engagement. Again, using our connections, we offer our clients the chance to participate in exclusive events such as dinners or parliamentary drop-in days, fostering direct interactions with influential MPs and decision-makers within their sector.

Levett Business Services will create a strategic and impactful approach to political and media engagement that elevates your presence and influence within your sector and beyond.

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